Art…concepts…wild descriptions..

I will be embarking on some small scale fan-fiction for Elite:Dangerous (have I mentioned my addiction to gaming? No?…well..another time..) and have a key character that I want to create an illustration for.  I can paint and draw but I find people tricky and revert to impressionism which is not what I need for this.  So, I asked an online artist (through Twitch) if she would be willing to bring the character to life for me and she agreed.  Yay!

Jessica Sonnet (Valkyrien27 in Twitch-land) asked me to describe the character and we sat down via Twitch to exchanging messages.  The character is Queen Magrolita of Heltrovillia- ruler with King Leopold III of Heltrovillia in a system on the edge of Imperial space in the year 3330.  I have a clear picture of the character in my head but trying to get that image across was quite difficult for some reason.  I started firing messages at poor Jessica, describing regal clothing not unlike samurai armour but with hints of Elizabethan decadence.  I was waxing lyrical and emptying my giddy mind into TwitchApp before pausing for breath.

Jessica responded with “Well aint you picky”.

To be clear, Jessica is doing this in her spare time, not as a paid commission but her artwork will carry a link to her everywhere it goes – including here once it is done.  I looked at all I had fired at her and realised that it was all a bit much.  I felt a bit bad about my creative torrent to be honest- Jessica was the latest victim of my inability to get things down coherently.  Previously it has just been my own writing projects and art that had gone unfinished and the only one disadvantaged was me.  Sorry Jessica!

So, this blog is absolutely going to be a good form of artistic therapy for me.  If I can commit to writing even a few paragraphs a day, them perhaps I can keep the creative pipework from getting clogged with wildly gyrating, aimless, artistic flotsam-and-jetsam.  Hopefully I will create more and might even get round to painting regularly again.  My output might start making some kind of sense!

That will indeed be a frabjous day – callooh, callay!


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