All In Balance- exert from Sci-fi idea

Hello reader and welcome to my first piece of writing I would like to share.

It’s a little snippet of a confrontation I quickly described between a main character and the ‘bad guy’ of the piece- or rather, their foot-soldiers.  It’s the start of a universe I have been imagining which is a reflection of my garbled thoughts about history, closed systems and ideologies.  It is a universe I would like to develop more (need a better AI name for a start but, wanted to get something posted and not fall into the trap of making no progress over small details).  Any thoughts and comments most welcome!


All In Balance

Rain water trickled over Malcom’s face steadily, tracing his features and clustering around his brow ridges and nose.  The warm night air stopped him from shivering as he stood, motionless at the entrance to his home.  Repetitive pulses of blue light mapped out the front of his body and cast snatches of shadows against his now closed front door.  The shadows included the four stationary sentinels arrayed before him and their transport.  No-one else had ventured into the street to see what the commotion was about- nobody dared.  The rain continued to ooze, adding a sing-song trickle from the drainage system – a detail that should have gone unnoticed to Malcolm considering the seriousness of the situation.  The waiting was beginning to unnerve him.


He kept his breathing steady and his heart-rate in check despite the urge to spin-off into blind panic.  Malcolm slowly lifted his gaze from the small pool of rainwater on the floor so he could observe his captors.  With the pulsing blue light of their state-standard enforcement vehicle behind them, it was hard to make out any details on the enforcement droids but Malcolm could start to fit detail into the dark outlines from the educational broadcasts he had watched throughout his life.  Enforcement Droids (the very thought of them threatened to make him scream out) were like stretched out humanoids.  Long limbs, thin body and a head like an over-sized metallic pill – all smooth and featureless.  He had personally never got close enough to inspect one properly but he remembered stealing into hushed adult conversations when he was a child “seamless like a, like a snake! Or a rivulet of mercury!”  In the dark, wet night however, all Malcolm could see was menace.


From the moment you opened your eyes on the wondrous new world you had been propelled into, state broadcasts were fired at you, everywhere you went.  In the home, school or street – anywhere a screen could be fitted- the ruling AI message ‘All in Balance’ was repeated as a warm and mollifying mantra to encase anything a citizen did.  The message was supposed to ensure citizens never experienced a moment like this but life was too gloriously complex and messy for the absolute control that Magma1 craved.  A tremor of anger mixed with shame rippled through Malcolm at the thought of being caught like this- caught despite having done nothing wrong.  Nothing morally wrong!  Despite all its technological superiority, the AI that controlled humanity did not appreciate impulsiveness- Magma1 would never understand love, or lust.


The droid directly in front of him shifted silently, almost imperceptibly- it may have even been a trick of the dancing lights behind.  But.  There was also a brief change in the atmosphere like a millisecond of nausea, flashing though him.  Malcolm imagined its head twisting to face him, searching for signs of any emotional change, calculating if he was an increased threat to be dealt with immediately.  He relaxed.  Slowed his breathing again and steadied the tremor.  The intensity of the rain increased.


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