SO! What the bleedin’ hell is this all about?

I am dipping my toes into the world of letting others read my creations.  Stick with me – though you may witness many amateurish errors, this is all new to me.

It’s that tired cliché of “everyone has a book in them” but to be honest, I’ve had a hundred and one short stories rattling around my head at various times over the years.  But, they never seem to get finished.  There isn’t enough time. Kids.  Work.  Flying around in digital spaceships – anything other than actually finishing a piece of writing!

No more!  (well actually.. all of the above still apply but, you get my meaning).

Undoubtedly this site will evolve over time so if you see me doing something stupid, continue to do that stupid thing, and you know the answer- please let me know.  I am not precious about receiving advice/constructive criticism.




Parent, work part-time to be the ‘school-run’ parent and try to cram in studying for a history degree.

Amongst all this, I also like to write fiction and I am hoping this blog will force me to be more organised about getting my ramblings seen and critiqued – who knows, I may even get something published one day!

Also of that first generation to have grown up with home computers, from the humble ZX-81 (with 16k Cheetah Pack!) to my current PC- I am hopelessly addicted to computer games.  Current main distraction: Elite:Dangerous where you can find me under the name CMDR Carrumba.  o7


This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.